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In this first newsletter of year 2002 it is very encouraging to find the renewal of memberships are on a par with previous years. It augurs well for the high standards we have achieved in the past seven years. We thank everyone for their attendance at functions and meetings. Our 3 day function at the Hall was well attended and compliments were paid to the showing of at least one hundred years of the past and so much that could be read and handled. The stage was the favourite of the young ones, who would have loved to get amongst all the old toys. The old slates and slate pencils and school reader of very far gone days - and those rules on good behaviour?! We sold some plants kindly donated and books also. We benefited by $365-00 in donated money.


The question of public liability policies is very much in minds of organisations who have to adhere to this system. Our society is delving into it as to the way to go, it does seem an inordinate jump in premiums. The Memorial Hall also will be affected if something is not resolved that is manageable. That places have had to close up already is a sad indictment on the strange forces in our midst that have brought this about.


Bus trips will commence in March - no dates confirmed yet.


We were invited to send a representative to St John’s Church, Wardell Street, Enoggera to attend the induction of the Rev. Jan Crombie, to be the Rector of St John’s Parish. David and Dorothy Livett were there as members of the congregation and of the choir. David’s book and the Eagle parish magazine, we think also written by David were among the gifts presented and will be cherished as long as the church stands. Kate Perry passed on a welcome to the Rev. Jan from all members of the Enoggera Memorial Hall and the Enoggera & Districts Historical Society. Our Heritage Trail book was also accepted. The ceremony was traditional but there was an air of excitement among the people gathered there and one could feel that at the end of the pomp and circumstance applause would be the order of the day and it was!! A day to be cherished.


The annual meeting of the Hall management committee has been held. All positions were declared vacant, nominations were then called and filled for all positions. Noel Condon and Graham Thistlethwait have been supervising and working on the provision of some new locks at the Hall - installing a new fire escape door and new steps in the alcove section of the Hall. One can write this quickly but it has taken them many days and hours to get the right materials and sizes and then many hours of hard work to install it all. This has saved the Hall a lot of money - especially needed at this time.


The First Supply Column will be in the Hall on Anzac afternoon for a 2.30 pm start. Hazel and Kate are coordinating the function - volunteers for a short time would be very welcome - mostly for afternoon-tea time.


Since we have been having our history displays at the Hall and many visitors and have been at the Blackwood Street Festival and just anywhere to which we have been invited, our aims and objects and our need for more history is being recognised. Mr Speachley from the Gap Historical Society came in with some photos and documents found in a house in Mott Street, Enoggera. They are being prepared for us and are of Mr Wrench - teacher at Enoggera School and are War photos from France - Mr Wrench in his Officer’s uniform etc. Can’t wait!! Any more information eagerly sought. A photo of the family who were the First settlers of Prospect Farm, Mitchelton, taken in 1857 is part of our collection shown in the Back Hall each Thursday. It looks as if it was taken yesterday!!


Ruth Gall and Dot Walker

It is with great sadness we record the death of two of our members who have been with us since we started the society in 1994. We all went to the “going away day” of Ruth Gall. Ruth worked with so many groups of people and will long be remembered. She brought to everyone a sense of purpose and always left you with the most carefully prepared documents researched to the last degree. Ruth’s sisters, Shirley Isdale, Alma Russell and sister Olive and their families will miss her calm presence and her own lovely family have suffered a great loss, but spoke with a sense of pride of her achievements in so many different fields.

Dot served in the A.W.A.S. during World War II and was proficient with radar equipment and search lights. Dot died suddenly at her home on January 22nd 2002. Her help with the history of her area was much appreciated by all members. Thank you Doris Florence Walker.



Noel Condon, Billie Watts and Kate Perry were among the recipients of Australia Day at the R.S.L. at Gaythorne of Certificates and Medallions from the Commonwealth of Australia recognising many years of community input into our local communities. The combined lifetime hours of all the people so honoured going back so many years would have generated enough energy to have got way past the moon - Mr Arch Bevis and the office staff must have been gathering Facts and Figures for many months and one could only feel humble listening to the good work of others and admire the work done to present this function. As an added bonus it was great to talk to people one worked with over many years. Greta Blackman and Kate talked to “Kitt” who is 92 years old and still working for Meals on Wheels at Herston - we had a lot of laughs about things we won’t tell you about!!


We hope you all got your last newsletters and a gentle reminder to pay your membership!! Most people have so we won’t ask you again - but “Hurry Up”!


The Annual General Meeting and election of committee members will be held on Sunday, 17th March, 2002 commencing at 2 pm in the back room of the Enoggera Memorial Hall. In accordance with the rules of the Constitution, Kate Perry will have to resign as the President of E.D.H.S. We must remind everyone that we still do not have a treasurer. All positions are declared vacant and we must remind members that all positions are very important if we are to continue to be the E.D.H.S. and to be the gatherers of all our local history. A job well done so far.


We have not yet started on the orders for photographs given in at “All Your Yesterdays” function - that department is not back yet and to our horror we have found that prices for re-producing the photos have gone through the roof. We will contact as many people as possible with the news and the prices and they may need to give it further thought. Just photocopies are no problem.


We have also decided to hold off on the publishing of our “Mitchelton Trail Book” as some of the compilers will be overseas for some months - that gives us all more time to get digging out those important facts and figures of Mitchelton early history and its people, its shops - its industry - its railways etc. So get into those drawers and cupboards and photo albums you know are somewhere just waiting for you - we hope to be ready for the Mitchelton Festival 2003!!

8/60 Pickering Street, Enoggera 4051


Not many “Enoggera Heritage Trail” books are left for sale - a decision on a reprint will be talked about. Tuesdays and Thursdays will continue to be “open days” at the Memorial Hall. Thursday kept as photo display day, other days are generally booked by other groups. The Scrap Books are being worked on on Tuesdays by Greta Blackman. Hey! N.W. News, we are finding it quite difficult to find news of the greater Enoggera area these days - don’t forget we need photos of the Mothers and New Babies (future members of E.D.H.S.!!)


You guessed it - our publication, “Enoggera District Heritage Trail” has reached Italy - confirmed in a letter received from Heather M. Harcourt, describing herself as ‘a native born Enoggerian’. Heather was born in the house of Mrs. David Chesney, her grandmother, at South Pine Road (then McCallum Road) - she owned both this house and an identical one adjoining and were the last two on the left hand side before crossing the bridge leading to Everton Park (another house was later built closer to the creek on the site of the family “chook run”). Olive Barlow is corresponding with Jack Redfern, her cousin now living at Morayfield, who sent Heather her copy. There are many reminiscences and happy memories in her letter including memories of the families: LEASK; MAPPS; GRIEVES; ROBINSONS; SHEEHANS and Misses (Sic) FOWLER - so ask to have a read of it when you come into the History Room.


Hot off the press is the fantastic news that member, Maureen Shannon, has been appointed to the Heritage Advisory Committee. Maureen is one of a 12 person committee selected both from Brisbane City Councillors and members of the community. The appointment process has taken almost twelve months from when first nominated by Kate Perry, and supported by Ann Bennison, Councillor, Enoggera Ward. This really prestigious position has an encompassing role of advising Council on key issues like reviewing nominations to the Historical, Cultural, Indigenous and National Heritage Register of the City Plan and advising on major development applications with heritage implications. We congratulate Maureen , a most deserving person with many qualities and a community volunteer for many years in organisations like: Queensland Family History Society; Women’s Historical Society, the National Trust and of course, the Enoggera and Districts Historical Society.


The Jumble Sale is almost here - This will be held in the Enoggera Memorial Hall commencing at 7 a.m. Saturday, 2nd March 2002. Tell your friends and come along to grab some great bargains. Use the side entrance. You never know what treasures you could find!!


The Annual General Meeting and election of committee members will be held on Sunday, 17th March, 2002 commencing at 2 pm in the back room of the Enoggera Memorial Hall